Every single day we are all bombarded by a cacophony of communication – the WhatsApp group chats, the social media ads, the virtual Teams calls… it’s a lot!

But how much of this actually sticks with someone and makes them feel something?  What makes someone change their mindset and think differently? What makes someone change their behaviour?

So let’s turn down the volume and cut through the noise…

We help businesses communicate better.

We create content that moves (both physically, and emotionally… see what we did there?) We help you unpick your messaging, solidify your strategy, and create comms that land with the impact you need to get people motivated, inspired, and geared up for success.

How? I hear you ask… WE BRING IT TO LIFE!

So, what does that mean?… It all boils down to: Less blah, more BOOM!

We communicate with people through creativity, innovation and a real understanding of what they are about. Making sure everything we create has substance, energy, and purpose. Our incredible and creative team will take your challenge, whatever ‘it’ is, and work out the best way to break it down and turn it into something that engages and excites.

We can take on whatever your challenge is, be it an integral values project to bound your business, a once in a lifetime incentive travel program, a killer sales kick-off …and bring ‘it’ to life.

We uncover whatever ‘it’ is that your people need to unveil their potential,  and make impactful, amazing things happen.

We spoke to our Art Director Dave, we asked him what’s the secret to uncovering creativity? And do you know what?… he nailed it. (You can read it here).

It’s literally as simple as this:

We genuinely do have creativity at the heart of what we do, that’s our people’s passion. They live and breathe it. It’s not just their job, it’s their perspective on life – Dave tells us “Sometimes I just hang up the washing and watch it blow.”

We’re able to consider something and find the beauty, intrigue and curiosity in it. It could inspire our production team for an amazing immersive team building exercise, or an innovative supplier we could bring in to give your team that awe-inspiring feeling you get when you experience something for the first time.

That energy and those feelings you don’t forget, and you tell everyone about. Sometimes we need a sounding board to bounce ideas off, but when you have a bunch of creatives brainstorming [your brief], imagine what we can uncover?!

This isn’t our first rodeo. At Top B, just like you, we’re a business, we need to be structured to function. But we’re able to take on the discovery and delivery that you may not have the time, capacity, breathing space to do. And we know how to do this in a structed way, to give your people exactly what they need, despite any restraints you may have, we’re always up for a challenge! You’re busy making your business do what it does best. You want to keep it well-oiled. Let us show you what we do best!

And finally, we do all this alongside you. We talk about our people and their passion, because that’s what makes our business. Our people are integral to what we do, and it’s that creativity and the beauty of their intrigue and motivation that enables us to deliver great work for our clients. What would be the use in us telling you how to champion the people in your business if we weren’t advocates of that ourselves?

It’s our people that bring your brief to life, not some mysterious machine that makes it happen. We’re a people business. We immerse ourselves in your brand, getting to know you from the inside out. We work with you to uncover what’s at the core, what gets your team going. Your people are your brand heroes within that make your business what it is, and we’re an extension to your team. We’ll help you leverage what your people stand for, give it energy and emotion for your team.