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After being virtual for a couple of years, and coming together properly for the first time EVER, there were lots of reasons for the Costa team to want their Costa Leadership Group (CLG) event to be a big hit.

There’s always something new at Costa. Our challenge was to inspire and enlighten the group of senior leaders, and launch the exciting new branding, bringing a now even wider global audience together. It needed to feel like they were really part of a great shared experience.


To get on the same page and to do a bit of collaborative creating - we hosted a kick-off discovery workshop with our client team. Getting together like this helped us design just the right experience.

We learned that the CLG event needed to be culturally authentic for Costa, with loads to see and do, and delivered in a way that kept the energy levels high and the conversation flowing. It was also the perfect opportunity to recognise great work, using this appreciation of talent both formally, and informally, from one peer to another, as a fab way to connect.

The hybrid event was divided into a day of getting to know each other individually and as a connected group, alongside getting to know the business and its objectives.

internal comms

An experiential expo allowed some up-close-and personal time with the product, whilst multi-sensory exercises kept the energy high, and team shout-outs shared all colleagues’ appreciation.

The content needed to be recorded and readily available, so we worked with Costa to build a bespoke on-demand platform to host it.

Given our hybrid audience, we knew it would be tricky to help everyone let their hair down at the end of the day. Our black-tie awards evening focused on creating a VIP experience for those tuning in live, just as much as those in the room.

A bespoke designed gift-box delivered to their doors gave us the tools we needed to help viewers stay involved and host their own at home party wherever they were in the world.


With 150 people attending the conference, and 200 attending the awards in the evening, the conference ran incredibly well, with smiles to be seen all round!