For the first time in over two years, we were uniting the DFS sales leadership team by bringing them face-to-face for an unforgettable live experience.

After a tough time over Covid, teams needed a boost, and to feel part of something big, proud of what they’d achieved and fired up for the peak period.

Luckily we love a challenge, because this event had to be completely Covid-safe for our guests on the day, whilst also streaming out virtually to a huge live audience - with an agenda designed to make everyone feel equally welcome.


In it Together was created as a theme to be inclusive for our hybrid audience, and the itinerary designed to feel good for both virtual and on site guests.

Hosted at Telford International Centre, we hosted over 400 live attendees and a further 2,500 online.

To deliver a Covid-safe event, our Venue Finding team worked hard to use the spaces available to them to maximise use of one-way systems and create the recommended 1.5m distance between delegates at all times.

A diverse menu catering for all requirements, and local accommodation reached by foot made sure everyone had an easy and enjoyable experience.


A magazine style plenary show with a roaming ‘culture reporter’ made the event feel as if it were designed for TV, so our virtual audience were engaged throughout.

We combined the live streamed plenary sessions with break-outs, where virtual teams were given activities to do off site, whilst our on site guests got up close and personal with product in an immersive expo-experience.

Focusing on maximum interactivity, we installed a grafitti wall to capture the energy on the day and help people get creative, whilst product specialists were poised to give the sales team a taste of the customer experience first-hand!

But after two years of intermittent lock-downs, this audience was ready to party...

As day became night, the gala dinner and awards ceremony that DFS have become known for was brought back to life with a bang. Electric circus acts opened the show with funny-man Justin Moorhouse hosting the awards and warming up for headliner Jimmy Carr.

In our opinion, the best way to make people feel truly rewarded and recognised is by delivering the unexpected. So, you can imagine how many jaws hit the floor when we revealed a secret party room with Sophie Ellis-Bextor on the decks!


“Attending the conference gave me a massive confident boost...”

“This was without doubt the best conference ever. After the challenging times we have faced to be able to invest in the wellbeing of our teams in this way is astonishing.

I believe the feelgood factor generated by this year’s conference will definitely help us sell more sofas.”

“The inclusion of the rest of DFS business via the virtual conference is something that is a brilliant addition and must stay in the future.”